Hello Customer,



        You are receiving this email as you currently have an active Reseller Hosting product with TrentaHost INC and there are some upcoming changes to the limits on your plan. As you may/may not be aware our Web Hosting Control Panel provider "cPanel" recently made some changes to the way they price customers for their software - gearing away from a per server billing model into a per account pricing model. This has made things extremely difficult for the hosting industry as this news was rather last minute to all customers & resellers of cPanel.  -- You may read more on cPanel’s changes here: https://blog.cpanel.com/announcing-account-based-pricing/




How does this effect you?


       Since the inception of TrentaHost INC., we have taken pride in never having to increase prices & we are happy to state your price on the Reseller Hosting services offered will not be increased at this time. However, to ensure we do continue to provide quality service and to fit the mould of the new pricing structure we do require having to restructure the limitations offered on the cPanel Reseller plans away from "Unlimited cPanel Accounts" and towards a limitation on how many cPanel accounts can be offered per plan. We also have made some changes to the diskspace limits to better suit customer’s requirements and provide increased resources such as I/O for more resource intensive websites. These changes allow our resellers the opportunity to continue with the same over head costing from us with minor adjustments to their end user offering.  


The changes to the plans have been posted below:


Basic – 25 Accounts / 25GB Pure-SSD

Business – 50 Accounts / 50GB Pure-SSD

Enterprise – 100 Accounts / 100GB Pure-SSD

More Information: https://trentahost.com/ddos-protected-reseller-hosting/


** Micro & Starter Customers & any other “Grandfathered Plans” will be moved onto Basic Reseller Hosting. **

       Customer’s will automatically be changed to the new plan limitations on September 1st, 2019 if the Reseller Hosting is active at that time – until then customers will continue with their current account limits. This gives you plenty of time to realign your vision, may it be moving to a different provider; or sticking it out with us for the many years ahead.  – We do hope you decide with the latter.




Other Control Panel?


               There has been discussion in the Hosting Community about a changeover to a competitor panel. However, currently we feel there has been a lot of change to our business and to yours and to negate any chain impacts onto your customers it’s in our best interest to keep our platform with cPanel currently. Although, we will continue to explore other options and keep you in the loop if a change is proposed for the future.  


The last thing we ever plan to do is conduct any sudden changes that could have a negative impact on your business or ours. However, we are hoping that these changes are mutually beneficial to both of us. If you do have questions or if this may impact your business, we do invite you to speak with us.  If you require an extra month to make the move or if you want us to recommend another provider we are happy to do so, the last thing we want is for the business you built on our platform to bear the effects of these recent changes.





TrentaHost INC. Management Team


Sunday, July 7, 2019

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